What is MasterCloneSmurfs?

We are a legal company registered in the United States under the name of “MasterClone LLC“. The company provides in-game Accounts.

More information about MasterClone LLC  can be found at the official website of the Wyoming Secretary State:

Reviews from MasterCloneSmurfs customers can be found on Trustpilot: https://es.trustpilot.com/review/masterclonesmurfs.com

How do I know MasterCloneSmurfs is Legit?

being a registered Compbeing a registered Company on the US in case of any issue you can sue us, But this wont happen we have been providing Smurfs to more than 2000 Customers around the world for more of 2 years.

Why Should I purchase on MasterCloneSmurfs?

Looking to purchase a League of Legends account? Look no further than MasterCloneSmurfs! We offer the best handmade smurfs at unbeatable prices. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

  1. Price: We work tirelessly to offer you the best prices on the market. You won’t find handmade smurfs cheaper anywhere else.

  2. HQ (High Quality): Our handmade smurfs are of the highest quality. You can see exactly what you’re getting before you buy it. We provide detailed information on each smurf, including Blue Essence, RP, level, games played, MMR, leveling mode used, server, and screenshots. You can be sure that what you see is what you’ll get.

  3. Security: We offer a lifetime warranty that covers any type of bot account bans, and we’re always available to manage your ticket if you have any issues. Plus, all of our handmade smurfs are leveled by real players, meaning they have a 0% ban rate.

  4. Expertise: We’re true experts when it comes to League of Legends. We take the game seriously and know the specific meta applied to it. We’re able to offer solutions, answers, and smurfs that meet your requirements. Trust us, we’re not rookies in this game.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose MasterCloneSmurfs for all of your League of Legends account needs.

How the purchase Works?

First Select your Smurf, then select your payment method, when you pay an automated email will be sent to your email with the credentials and full recovery information including the Payment details and Order Details.

In extra a copy will be generated on the website for you.

If you have an Account on the website another Copy will be generated to your website Account when you will be able to recall all the purchases you made on a personal and private History.

How much I have to wait after I pay?

A: Nothing, the delivery is instantly.

Which payments methods do you support?

At this moment automated Payments are made with Paypal ,you can contact us at MasterClone#9840 to do any crypto Payment.

Looking for a way to improve your League of Legends experience without breaking the bank? Look no further than MasterCloneSmurfs and our wide selection of cheap, handmade LOL accounts and handleveled smurfs!

LOL Handmade ARAM Smurf Accounts
If you’re an experienced player looking to dominate the normal games, then an ARAM Handmade LOL Smurf from MasterCloneSmurfs is perfect for you. With a clean normal MMR, you’ll be able to imprint a 100% win rate (or close) on normal games, which will give you a high MMR and better placement during your first 10 games. Plus, our smurfs are handmade for the best possible experience.

LOL Handmade High MMR Smurf Accounts
Looking for a high MMR smurf but don’t have the time or experience to level it up yourself? MasterCloneSmurfs has you covered with our selection of HIGH MMR Handmade LOL Smurfs. These accounts are leveled by our experienced players and are perfect for anyone looking to jump into the smurf queue from the very beginning.

LOL Handmade IRON IV Smurf Accounts
Don’t be fooled by the name – our IRON IV Handmade LOL Smurfs may have a low elo, but they’re the opposite of doomed. With an estimated LP gain of 25 and almost 0% win rate, you’ll see huge LP gains when you get a 40-game win streak. And since you’re coming from the very low elo, you’ll be able to smurf without worrying about other experienced players.

LOL Handmade Ranked LOL Smurfs
If you’re looking for a smurf to dominate in ranked games, then look no further than MasterCloneSmurfs and our selection of Ranked Handmade LOL Smurfs. These accounts are played by experienced players, meaning you’ll be starting off in a good elo with good LP gains that can easily take you to diamond.

LOL Handmade Normal MMR LOL Smurf Accounts
And finally, if you’re looking for a smurf that’s just ready to play and have fun without worrying about the smurf queue, then our Normal Handmade LOL Smurfs are perfect for you. These accounts have great normal MMR and fit the description of a smurf, meaning you’ll be able to have fun and play without any stress.

So why wait? Head over to MasterCloneSmurfs today and find the perfect smurf for you!

Why is so important if its Handmade or not?

A: All the Smurfs sold on MasterCloneSmurfs are Handmade which means they are its leveled by a human, but not all smurfs are like this ones.
Any smurf that its NOT Handmade lacks of security for a future ban, you know the saying “cheap is expensive”


Can you explain me More About What type of Smurfs You Sell?

A: Of course, in fact its very important the type of smurf you choose at MasterCloneSmurfs we Offer ARAM/IRON IV/Ranked/HIGH MMR/Normal Handmade Smurfs.
Here  I will explain the importance of each type of Smurf:

ARAM Handmade LOL Smurf

Why you should purchase an ARAM Handmade LOL Smurf smurf from MasterCloneSmurfs
ARAM smurf its perfect for experienced Players, the normal mmr of this Accounts are clean which mean you are able to imprint a 100% WR(or close) on normal games to this smurf, which in consecuence will give you a high mmr on normals, remember the normal mmr is taken on consideration in the placements…higher normal MMR, higher you get placed on first 10.


HIGH MMR Handmade LOL Smurf

Why you should purchase an HIGH MMR Handmade LOL Smurf smurf from MasterCloneSmurfs?
The whole point of ARAM Smurf its to set the MMR high if you experienced. But If you don’t? Then purchase a HIGH MMR LOL SMURF that are leveled by our experienced players and enjoy the Smurf Q just from the very beginning.


 IRON IV Handmade LOL Smurf

Why you should purchase an IRON IV Handmade LOL Smurf from MasterCloneSmurfs?
This smurfs may have a doomed elo, but its totally the opposite…Impressed?
Iron IV Smurfs haves an estimated LP gaining of 25 with almost 0% WR  when you get a 40 games Win streak your LP gains are really high (35-40LP)But this wont ever set you on “Smurf Q” since you coming from the very low, that will allow you to Smurf really relaxed evading other really experienced Players Smurfing.

Ranked Handmade LOL Smurf

Why you should purchase an Ranked Handmade LOL Smurffrom MasterCloneSmurfs ?

All Ranked Smurfs are played by really experienced players which give you the opportunity of getting a smurf that is already in a good elo, with a good LP Gaining to set it really easy on a really good elo…like diamond.

Normal Handmade LOL Smurf

This smurfs haves really good normal MMR and fits the total description that is a smurf, Ready to play, Fun to play and you wont have the Smurf Q.

It is safe to Purchase Accounts?

Purchasing accounts is against Riot’s Terms of Service and can lead to a suspension of the account. This is a rare occurrence and is mostly caused by the user not taking precautions . When you purchase an account, do not brag about it in-game. Don’t do anything you would not do on your main account. In the case that you do encounter any issues feel free to contact our support.

How do I Contact a Representative of MasterCloneSmurfs?

MasterClone its’s the owner of MasterCloneSmurfs you can always contact me by any via you like more:
Discord : MasterClone#9840
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/qKF2kck4Km
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masterclonesmurf/
Gmail : adriansalasocanto@gmail.com

I lost my Credentials Can you help me?

Here at MasterCloneSmurfs all the smurfs sold by us are our responsibility, we will help you in ANY issue you have with your smurf, Our Happiness its your Happiness with our services, Contact me now at MasterClone#9840


Can I Request a Refund?

At MasterCloneSmurfs we highly worry about you being pleased with your Smurf, if you don’t feel pleased with our Services or Smurf, Please Contact us and we will work on a Free replacement or Refund of your Money.